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An 18-year-old male secondary school student who clobbered another man in his head with a piece of wood,Murder accused Davenend Dhandhariwhich subsequently led to the man’s death,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, has been charged with murder.Davenand Dhandhari called Kevin of Betsy Ground, East Canje,China NFL Jerseys, Berbice was on Wednesday remanded to jail by Magistrate Mauricia Mittelholzer, when he appeared before her at the Reliance Magistrate’s Court on the charge of murder.Dhandhari, a student (of New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary) and farmer, is accused of murdering Omesh Seelall,Wholesale Jerseys, called “Rovin” or “Short Neck”, 21,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, a labourer, also  of Betsy Ground, on April 17, last,Cheap Jerseys From China,  at Betsy Ground.Seelall, died around 13:30 hrs on Friday after being on a ventilator for six days.  He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital on the morning of April 17, in a critical condition, after he was transferred from the New Amsterdam Hospital.Seelall’s head was bashed in and his eyes bulged. Since Seelall was hit he did not regain consciousness.  There was massive internal damage and bleeding.The men were among a group standing on the road when Dhandhari reportedly ran across the road and grabbed a piece of wood from a dray cart and struck Seelall to his head, flooring him instantly and rendering him unconscious.Initially four men were arrested,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, but the others were released.Dhandhari is being represented by Attorney- at- Law Mursaline Bacchus. He was remanded to jail until May 12th for continuation. Sergeant Orin Joseph is presenting the State’s case.

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