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作者: yueyrt12gC    時間: 2018-6-14 02:23     標題: cheap jerseys ‘Kill he

Police are trying to locate a silver grey Toyota Carina 212 motor car HB 6003 which was hijacked by four bandits on Sunday night at Cummingslodge East Coast Demerara.The bandits had stabbed the driver,NFL Jerseys China, Gordon Munroe,Discount Football Jerseys, several times to his neck before hauling him from the driver’s seat before driving away with all his valuables.Speaking with this newspaper last night,China Jerseys Wholesale, Munroe related that he was about to end his tour of duty for the day at around 19:20 hours when he was flagged down by the men on Vlissengen Road.The men requested to go to Cummingslodge and he agreed,Cheap Jerseys From China, not suspecting that he was about to be robbed.When he reached the destination the men ordered him to drive through Third Street and as soon as the vehicle stopped, two of the passengers including one who was sitting front seat got out.Another passenger who was sitting at the back grabbed him by his neck and another bandit who had remained in the car began stabbing him with a sharp metal object.“One ah dem say, ‘Kill he, kill he’,” the taxi driver recalled.Munroe who uses a crutch to support his damaged hip was then pulled from the vehicle and dumped onto the road while the men sped away with the car.Shaken and wounded, Munroe managed to contact a police friend who went to the scene and picked him up and took him to report the matter to the police at the Sparendaam Police Station.He was subsequently sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was treated for several minor wounds to his neck and sent away.“I had the people money fuh pay them, all of that they gone with,” he lamented. He said that he has been a taxi driver for more than 20 years and this is the second time that he has been attacked.When asked if he would continue to ply the trade he said,Wholesale China Jerseys, ‘right now I ain’t got a choice. If I had a choice,China NFL Jerseys, I woulda done quit. This thing got me real shake up,” Munroe said.Investigations into the matter are continuing. Munroe is hoping that the police will recover the car soon before it is stripped and becomes unrecognizable.

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