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作者: yueyrt12gC    時間: 2018-5-17 03:26     標題: NFL Jerseys Wholesale Seelall Persaud

Over the past few years, the Guyana Police Force has had to grapple with constant allegations of abuseCommissioner of Police (Ag) Seelall Persaud pins the force’s 175th Anniversary Medal on one of the ranks.and neglect of duty by its ranks, some of which bordered on torture.Several ranks have been criminally charged while others have been departmentally disciplined.But the man at the head of the Force, Seelall Persaud, hopes to change this situation or at least minimize cases of police abuses and neglect.Under his stewardship,Cheap NFL Jerseys, bulletin boards have been placed at police stations throughout the country, so that members of the public can access senior police personnel to report ranks who go against the motto of the Force,Wholesale Jerseys China, which is service and protection.“We have there on the board, the cell phone numbers of the station sergeant,Cheap Jerseys Store, even a photograph of him. Cell phone number of the sub-divisional officer and the cell phone number of the Commander. So if the ranks at the station are breaching the rights of the people arrested or victims of crime who come to make a report,Jerseys NFL China, then they can make contact with the supervisors and get corrective action immediately,Jerseys From China,” the Top Cop said yesterday.This year alone the force has placed a number of its ranks before the courts for abuse of members of the public.Earlier this year a rank was charged for allegedly burning the hands of a detainee at the Sparendaam police station lock-ups.In another case, a cadet officer is before the court for allegedly shooting a teenager in his mouth.More recently,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, the police had cause to investigate that ranks at Leonora allegedly assaulted a fisherman who subsequently died after he was released from police custody.The situation has led to increased work for the police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), which is tasked with internal investigation of ranks.But it does not end there.“If the evidence show that abuse occurred and once that file gets out of the OPR  for legal advice, another investigation starts-what action did the commander take to implement policies of the force to prevent those abuses, so the Commander is now made answerable,” Persaud explained.He added that should a similar abuse occur within a month’s time at the same location or division, the Commander is hauled before the Force’s administration to answer.

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