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Roscoe McIntyre,Cheap Jerseys From China, a 22-year-old resident of 19 Meadow Bank, was yesterday remanded when he appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.The defendant had the court in an uproar with his disorderly behaviour and rude outbursts.According to police reports,China Jerseys Cheap, on March 22,Wholesale China Jerseys, at Ivy Bisnauth’s residence,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, also located in the Meadow Bank area, the defendant broke and entered the plaintiff’s premises with intention to commit a felony.To the allegations the defendant pleaded not guilty and added “I would nevah thief from she. I rather thief from de Bank of Guyana.”When Bisnauth was called upon,Wholesale Jerseys, she stated to the court that the defendant broke into her home “naked and armed with a knife” whilst her daughter was snoring. To this comment the defendant shouted “Yuh lying!”The defendant who “cleans fish for a living,China NFL Jerseys,” was asked to take a seat and to the Magistrate’s instructions he retorted “Eh heh! Leh I mek haste and come out ah hey.”Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte objected to bail based on the plausible theory that if the defendant is to be released he would most likely interfere with the complainant and may not return for his next court date.McIntyre is scheduled to make his next court appearance on May 20.To the court’s decision he exclaimed “Selassie I, I coming out ah hey next two week!”

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