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作者: yueyrt12gC    時間: 2018-4-17 00:06     標題: Wholesale Jerseys China as it has been the previous year.He disclosed that

The results of the National Grade Six Assessment for 2008 were unveiled yesterday by Education Minister Shaik Baksh, who expressed much satisfaction at the overall performance.According to the minister, 17,630 candidates were entered for the assessment, which was undertaken over two days from March 26. They were assessed in the subject areas of Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies.He pointed out that all of the candidates had previously written the National Grade Two Assessment in 2004 and the National Grade Four Assessment in 2006.He noted that yesterday’s results were a report on the candidates’ overall performance at the three assessments.Minister Baksh outlined that  percentages of the marks gained at the Grades Two and Four Assessments were combined with the marks gained at the Grade Six Assessment in order to determine the candidates’ overall scores.And, according to him, five per cent of each candidate’s Grade Two scores in Mathematics and English, and 10 per cent of each candidate’s Grade Four scores in the same subjects were added to 85 per cent of each candidate’s scores in those subjects.The combined scores in Mathematics and English were added to the scores gained in Science and Social Studies, the minister said.He posited that the highest possible scores obtainable in the respective subject areas were Mathematics 140, English 146, Social Studies 152 and Science 140.He also divulged that the highest possible overall score that a student could have attained at the Grade Six Assessment was 578 marks.And gaining the topmost position, with a score of 558 marks, is Yogeeta Persaud of C. V. Nunes Primary School, on the Essequibo Coast, in Region Two.Second place was gained by Sayyid Rajab of Isa Islamic School, who attained 556 marks; while Arianna Seeraj of St Margaret’s Primary secured third place with 553 marks.Shahrazaed Khan, of Isa Islamic School, scored 552 marks, which afforded him the fourth place, while the fifth position was shared by Ridwaan Safi of St Margaret’s, Zimeena Rasheed of C. V. Nunes,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, Crystal Ramdayal of West Ruimveldt and Jonelle Europe of the ABC Academy.  They all secured 551 marks.Kavita Sawh, of Dharmic Rama Krishna, gained the ninth position with 549 marks.Capturing 10th place, with 548 marks, were: Shaphan Hestick and Cecil Cox, both of the New Guyana School; Sharmilar Ramlall of Leonora Primary, and Eunice Hammond of St Margaret’s Primary.According to the minister, 147 students from schools outside of Georgetown are eligible for entry into President’s College.These he outlined as C. V. Nunes, Suddie, Fisher, Taymouth Manor, Hampton Court, Jacklow, Sparta, Queenstown, Good Hope and Kabakaburi Primary Schools, as well as the Al Madinah Islamic Academy, all from Region Two.Those eligible from Region Three were drawn from Kawall, Vreed-en-Hoop, Windsor Forest, Leonora, Meten-Meer-Zorg, Philadelphia, Greenwich Park, Cornelia Ida, Uitvlugt, Wales and Saraswat Primary Schools.Students eligible from Region Five are from Mahaicony,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Lachmansingh, Zealand,Wholesale Jerseys, Bath and No.29 Primary Schools, while students qualifying from Region Six came from Corriverton, No.48, Auchlyne, Friends, Gangaram, Albion, Cumberland, Rose Hall Estate, Sheet Anchor, Skeldon, Crabwood Creek and St Therese Primary Schools.In Region Ten, the eligible students came from One Mile, Regma and Watooka Day Primary Schools.The minister revealed that students from 23 schools in Region Four are also eligible for entry into President’s College.These schools include Helena, Clonbrook, Golden Grove, Enmore Hope,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, Enterprise, Strathspey,CHeap NFL Jerseys China, Annandale, Lusignan, Mon Repos, La Bonne Intention, Chateau Margot, Montrose, Vryheid’s Lust, Virginia, Ann’s Grove, Cane Grove, Peter’s Hall, Covent Garden, Supply, Craig, Grove, Eccles and Providence Primary Schools.And, according to the minister, it has been observed that the trend of female candidates outperforming their male counterparts is evident this year, as it has been the previous year.He disclosed that, from a sample of the top 108 of the candidates, the results revealed that 43 are males and 65 are females.He said that the examination of the distribution of the top 108 candidates showed that eight candidates came from six schools in Region Two, with the top performer coming from the C. V. Nunes Primary School.From Region Three, there were 11 top performers from three schools, with the top school being Leonora Primary; while Region Four saw six top candidates from five schools, with all the schools performing almost equally, the minister said.In Georgetown, he noted, there were 75 top performing candidates from 20 schools. There was one from Region Five, four came from two schools in Region Six, and in Region Ten three came from one school.The minister said that an analysis of the highest number of passes in the 108 candidates surveyed revealed that Graham’s Hall, Winfer Gardens, and West Ruimveldt each secured five; Mae’s and the New Guyana School secured six; Leonora nine and St Margaret’s 16.Minister Baksh disclosed that while there were some disappointments, he is quite satisfied with the overall performances,Cheap NFL Jerseys, even as he revealed that measures will be put in place to address all uncovered shortcomings.

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