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By Ralph SeeramA 17-year-old girl died  suddenly due to suspected heart arrhythmia two days after receiving the shot; a 14-year-old  girl developed a medical condition after the second dose of the vaccine, then two weeks after the third dose she was rushed to the Emergency Room for unknown reasons. She died in the ambulance.Six days after a dose of the vaccine a 12-year-old died suddenly of myocarditis. Three days after the first dose of the vaccine an 11-year-old had a  severe allergic reaction, cardiac arrest, and died.  Two days after receiving the vaccine a 22-year-old died suddenly and a 12-year-old died in her sleep 21 days after receiving the vaccine.These are reports on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System commonly known in the medical field as VAERS which is an early warning public health system in the U S that helps Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) detect possible side effects or adverse events following vaccination.The name of that vaccine, Gardasil, the one that the Minister of Health and the Ministry of Health in Guyana are trying to force on our young daughters.Gardasil is the trade mark name for a highly controversial vaccine manufactured by Pharmacy giant,nfl jerseys authentic china, Merck. It supposedly protects against types of HPV infections that causes most cervical cancers. According to the VAERS report,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, as of September last year there have been over 20,000 reports of adverse events following Gardasil vaccination. There were 71 VAERS reports of death.True,Cheap China Jerseys, millions of doses of this vaccine have been distributed and the percentage of adverse reactions may seem small, until it happens to your 10-year-old daughter. We are talking here of a generation of young women (the vaccination can be administered to boys but for this article I will limit the discourse to females).We are talking of future generations of young ladies and mothers-to-be, placing them at risk with a controversial drug that no one knows what the lost term effects are. There are no studies that can say what illness can develop later in life. The drug is too new.There is enough evidence present to say why more research needs to be done before going on a mass vaccination scale, a forced one at that. Minister of Health, Bheri Ramsaran, talks about needing evidence of the adverse effect of the drug. I suggest that the good doctor do some research on the history of the development and the marketing of this drug. This drug is nothing but a big public health experiment. The Minister and the Government need to look at reports on the vaccine including reports emanating from organizations like Judicial Watch in Washington DC and Sane Vax among others before proceeding with this experiment on young Guyanese girls.There are numerous critics of this vaccine; perhaps the most important is Dr Diane Harper, a specialist on HPV who also helped develop the vaccine. According to the Judicial Watch report Dr. Harper viewed   making the vaccination mandatory as ”a real danger zone”. She noted that “ the vaccine has not been out long enough  for us to have a post marketing surveillance for us to understand what all the potential side effect are going to be”.The manufacturers of this drug, Merck, cannot say whether Gardasil will have long term effects on fertility. Merck’s fertility test was conducted on rats. In other words no one can say if this drug could affect pregnancy. The drug makers already warn pregnant mothers not to take this drug.Judicial Watch, quoting from Merck’s report to the FDA, “Gardasil has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity”. In other words they did not test to see if it can cause cancer. This is the drug Dr Ramsaran wants to foist on the young girls in Guyana.If one understands how much money big firm spends on lobbyists then one would understand how this drug was fast tracked for approval by the FDA despite concerns about Gardasil’s safety and long term effect.At the moment the U.S. Government is about to require drug companies to the payments they make to doctors for research, consulting, speaking, travel and entertainment. It is not only a conflict, but researchers have found evidence that such payments can influence doctor’s treatment decisions, not to mention donations to politicians.While we are on the subject of politicians,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, knowing some of the corrupt practices in Guyana I would like the Government to disclose who is supplying those vaccine and how much is being paid. It would be interesting to know who the middle man is.Mandatory vaccinations have been opposed by the American College of Pediatrics and the New England Journal of Medicine. Critics of this vaccine are asking governments to educate the public on the controversial drug. One report said that the manufacturers  have never done studies on girls under 16 years of age who have been vaccinated.Did anybody bother to tell the public and parents of these young girls that some serious side effect from the VAERS report includes Guillian- Barre Syndrome (GBS) a neurological disorder that causes muscle weakness, or blood clots which have occurred in the heart, lungs and legs.Will the Government inform young girls who are taking birth controls pills that they are at risk if they take this drug? Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted disease. So now the Government will have to ask your 11-year-old if she is a virgin or of she is sexually active. Would her parents be there? Supporters of the vaccine might want to point out that the FDA/CDC has recommended using this drug.Their arguments are “the benefits out weights the risks” while research shows that the risk out weights its benefits. Remember the FDA has approved numerous drugs that had to be pulled of the market, Merck’s own Vioxx come to mind.The question is who is taking the risks? It is not the Government or the Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran. It is the parents and their daughters,Soccer Jerseys From China, so who should make the decisions whether to take the drug or not? The Government or the individuals? The Government has no moral right or legal right for that matter in forcing this controversial drug on its teenagers. The parents must have a say in the matter.Sources for this article includes CDC, FDA, Judicial Watch, SANE VAX INC, Nature Healing, The New York Times, Natural News and Business Wire.Ralph Seeram can be reached at [email protected]

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