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By Leonard GildarieIt seems as if writing on housing related issues will always keep coming back to me. I can’t help it. I am too much in love with all things pertaining to home improvements.Last week I touched on the topic of how we can make our resources work better for the benefit of all Guyanese.The article sparked quite a number of calls by readers who asked for us to explore this area further.This week, I would like to examine these initiatives by discussing where we are at currently in certain areas of manufacturing and what we can do to achieve more desirable outcomes for the greater benefit of Guyana and its people.As mentioned before, Guyana is widely known to be blessed with the most natural resources and raw materials for processed goods amongst the Caribbean territories.Wood mulch was used to beautify my friend’s yard in New Jersey, US.The question that boggles the mind therefore is why, after more than a half century of independence, are we ranked as the poorest nation besides Haiti in the western hemisphere?I believe that this is unacceptable and that all efforts should be made by the Government of the day to once and for all design, implement and execute structured, incremental strategies to recognise our viable resources; categorise these resources for attention on a tiered basis of ease of implementation and positive socio/economic benefits and implementing ways to better exploit these resources.While these strategies are applicable to all types of our resources, I would like to focus on those resources that are easily available to us and which would involve smaller startup costs.The outcomes are positive and would include new processing plants, diversification of existing entities to make them more viable and competitive in the ever changing economic environment, keeping our much needed foreign exchange at home by reducing imports and most importantly, creating new jobs.The recurring theme of these articles is to stress the importance of value-added processes to all of our manufacturing initiatives.Secondary ProcessingWe must demand of our investors, both local and foreign, investments in localised secondary processing.We are a nation that can strive on innovativeness and mechanisation. We are ripe for modernisation, new processes and products to meet the ever demanding housing industry and also our renewed appetite for better, more attractive environs.Last week,NHL Jerseys China, we touched on the topic of how large quantities of our raw timber are exported in log form,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, robbing our economy of the benefits of secondary processing right here. I also pointed out that on my visit to a Home Depot hardware and gardening store in New Jersey, USA, I was shocked to find packaged cow manure.My inspection of the product revealed that the processing involved dehydration and packaging only. This, of course, makes it easier to transport, store and apply. Mulch for sale at a NJ Home Depot outletI also saw compost being sold in the same way. Why can’t we do it here is the obvious question.This week I would like to talk about mulch.Wikipedia describes mulch as a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. Its purpose may include to conserve moisture; to improve the fertility and health of the soil; to reduce weed growth and to to enhance the visual appeal of the area.Mulch is usually but not exclusively organic in nature. It may be permanent (e.g. plastic sheeting) or temporary (e.g. bark chips). It may be applied to bare soil, or around existing plants. Mulches of manure or compost will be incorporated naturally into the soil by the activity of worms and other organisms. The process is used both in commercial crop production and in gardening, and when applied correctly can dramatically improve soil productivity. We will focus on wood mulch today.With our robust housing industry and our recent efforts to maintain and beautify our environs, both private and public,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, mulching makes so much sense.Easily AvailableThe raw materials are everywhere around us and can be mostly free. Every tree or limb, dead or freshly cut, can be made into mulch with the use of chipper shredders. For smaller production quantities, the price of a shredder ranges from as low as US$100 to US$400.For commercial applications, the price rises to about US$2,000 for a good quality one.The process is simple and involves hand feeding tree trunks cut into appropriate sizes and limbs into the shredders which then spits out the mulch into a storage area/container.Imagine the folks at M&CC using one of these chipper shredders to produce mulch from the tree branches. Imagine using the mulch in the Botanical Gardens and National Park. What about our streets and avenues? Infact, why can’t we do this countrywide?Mulch can be applied as is around the roots of trees as well as along pathways,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, etc, for enhancement purposes.However, mulch can be subjected to further processing and packaging by simply running it through a dyeing process.The most popular colours are red, brown and black. It is sold in loose bulk or in plastic packages.Can you imagine walking along Main Street in Georgetown or relaxing at your home and the enhanced landscaping catching your eyes?While I drove by the beautifully mulched yards and parks in the New York/New Jersey areas, I have to admit that I fell in love with the sight and the simplicity of the process and how easy it is to produce and apply.Then I thought about what an opportunity this is for Guyana. I believe that local demand alone will make this venture viable and profitable.Locally, the wood shavings from our countless lumber outlets and woodworking shops, which are mostly dumped, can be dyed into these beautiful colors and made available at affordable prices and applied for the pleasure of our eyes.There are possibilities. It does not have to cost an arm and leg.My friend in New Jersey, Shaheed, is buying red mulch for up to US$5 per bag. He has applied it to his yard and it is beautiful.There, I am back to talking about beautifying homes again. But it is food for thought. Not only what the Town Councils, RDCs and NDCs can do, but what sawmills and even homeowners can start thinking about.We are on the verge of take-off- yes, I am talking about Guyana. Who is at the controls? Here’s an opportunity for small entrepeneurs as well as an opportunity for diversification by existing wood product entities. At a minimum,http://www.airmaxfantasy.us.com/574-New-Balance/, I would like the M&CC to adopt this initiative and apply mulch citywide for the pleasure of our eyes.I’m heading this weekend to Giftland theaters to watch a movie. I love the fact that we have brought back this tradition and that there is competition. Already, Princess has dropped their prices.